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YL5012 Reader



•32-bit reduced instruction set computer (RISC) architecture
• On-chip, 16K Bytes of static random-access memory (SRAM):
Single cycle byte, half-word (16-bit), and word (32-bit) reads and writes
• On-chip, 16K Bytes of static read only memory (ROM):
Single cycle byte, half-word (16-bit), and word (32-bit) read access.
• On-chip 256K Bytes embedded flash (EFLASH)
• USB Controller:
– USB 2.0 Compliant with on-chip integrated PHY module
– Certified for High Speed (480MHz) USB and Full Speed (12MHz) USB
– UTMI+ Level 2 transceiver interface
– Supports eight transmit/receive
•Aes, RSA, Des Jet   Fast to visit ULtralgith C, Mifare plus cards
PC/SC MODE support  TYPE A ISO14443-4
•NXP RC522 Reader IC, support TYPE A
•NXP RC523 Reader IC, support TYPE A ,TYPE B YL5012B Plus

2. Technical

  • Power supply:  5V, 60-100mA
  • Interface: UART ,USB HID ,USB virtual RS232 , USB CCID,  USB emulation Keyboard Options;
  • Transmission speed: Default 19200 bps
  • R/W distance of up to 60mm ~ 100mm ,depending on TAG and Antenna Size.
  • Storage temperature: -40 ºC ~ +85 ºC
  • Operating temperature: -25 ºC ~ +70 ºC
  • YL5012 Plus  TYPE A support  mifare 1k ,4k,ultralight ,ultralight C,Ntag serial,
Sle66r01P, mfiare  plus ,Desfire Pipe mod , C =TL 14443-4
       TYPE B C=TL 14443-4
TWO SAM SLOT  Support  T=0 T=1   3v  5V  Smart card
(YL5012B Plus)
  •  Support Card : 
YL5012A Plus :  ISO14443A , Mifare 1k ,4k ,ultralight ,Ultralight EV1, Ultralight C
     SLE66R01P ,Ntag203,Ntag213,Ntag215,Ntag216,  C=TL