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1. Mifare Standard

  • 1024 bytes EEPROM, divided into 16 sectors with 64 bytes on each sector
  • 100,000 write endurance cycles
  • 10 years data retention
  • ISO 14443 A
  • 13.56MHz transponder frequency
  • 106 kbit baud rate
  • Bit-wise anti-collision
  • Up to 10 cm operating distance
  • 4 byte unique serial number
  • Random number generator
  • 2 bytes access key per sector
  • Individual access condition for each sector
  • Purse functionality

2. Technical Specification

  • Full Mifare functionality
  • Software library for easy integration within the application
  • RS232 interface 
  • Support Windows 95, 98, ME, 2000, NT, XP
  • Demo software running on PC
VC、BC、VB、DELPHI、PB Demo source code.
  • Power supply: 5V, 80-120mA  ,PS/2 or USB port .
  • Transmission speed: Default 19200 bps
  • R/W distance of up to 60mm (up to 100mm with bigger antenna size), depending on TAG
  • Storage temperature: -40 ºC ~ +85 ºC
  • Operating temperature: -10 ºC ~ +70 ºC
  • ISP  Function easy to update firmware
  • Dimension : 123 * 88 * 25 (mm)       
  • Weight    : 100 g
3. Communication setting
The communication protocol is byte oriented. Both sending and receiving bytes are in hexadecimal format. The communication parameters are as follows,
Baud rate:              19200 bps
Data:                     8 bits
Stop:                     1 bit
Parity:                   None
Flow control:  None

4. Installation

If you want to power up the Mifare reader using the PS/2 port, please use the provided cable to make the connection between the development board and the PC. Remember to switch off the PC before doing the following connection steps. At the back of the PC, please unplug your mouse or keyboard from the PS/2 port. Then you can plug in the cable with the 6-pin mini DIN male end. The unplugged mouse or keyboard should connect to the other 6-pin mini DIN female end. Please also plug in the DB9 female connector to either COM1 or COM2. The other end of the cable should be connected to the Mifare reader. You can now switch on your PC after all connections are done completely. Run the demo software and you should be able to operate the reader.

5. DEMO software

5.1 DEMO install

       Extract InstDemo_en.EXE,execute C:\RFREADER\ICTransfer.exe

5.2  Setting

  • Select Port :Select serial COM port and setting baud Rate.
  • Read        :Read firmware message ,device model  &  version.
  • Device number:Setting Device Node unmber.(no use for Desktop version)
  • Buzzer       :setting Buzzer beep ,delay time = setting value * 10ms.
  • Led          :setting LED color , Red ,Green or off
  • Set Antenna status :  active field or close field(left option open) .

MifareOne card operation (iso 14443 type A )

  • Request :Request mifare card ,if succeed ,serial number should show in the left text bos.
  • Purse Function : Initialize \Decrease\increase\Read balance 。
                  Left text box =  Value in DEC ,right =  Value HEX 。
  • Opration window:Reader Sector   ,Write Block      
Select KEYA or KEYB option , Input Key in KEY TextBox then click “Reader Sector” it should reader data which Sector select ;
Select Sector & block , input data into which block should write data ,click Write Block , data should be changed in card memory.

Mifare S70 card operation (iso 14443 type A )

S70  have a mor Opration window to read/write Sector 32 to 39 .same step read/write like S50 or S70 other block.