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HF LEGIC reader module-M360

M360-XX    LEGIC Module
1. Appearance, Structure
Item LEGIC reader module Remark
Size(PCB) 38.15*17.85*1.6 unit(mm)
Size with components 38.15*17.85*10.5 unit(mm)
2)PCB structure

2. function declaration
1)Basic function
Command list
Command name Describe  
Globle Commands
0x25 PassiveSearch Passive card ( need to send commands to the module, module performs the card command )  
0x40 AutoSearch Automatic search card  
0x41 Stop_AutoSearch The end of automatic search card, waiting for the next command  
0x42 Type_Limit Card type restrictions (including automatic and passive )  
Legic  Appilication Commands  
0x48 Set_AuthorizationKey Used to set the authorization code and password (up to 8 )  
0x49 Set_LaunchData Used to set the authorization code and password (up to 8 )  
0x4A Read_LaunchData Used to read can use authorization cod  
0x4B Clr_LaunchData Used to remove the authorization code  
0x4C Legic_commond_packet LegicCommand packet  
System command (0x80~0xFF)  
0x80 SetAddress Set module address  
0x81 SetBaudrate Set baud rate  
0x82 SetSerlNum Set block sequence number  
0x83 GetSerlNum The read module serial number  
0x86 Get_VersionNum Used to read module version information  
(Refer to appendix RDM600 LEGIC module communication protocol)

Pin number Name Basic function
J1_1 NC Blank foot
J1_2 NC Blank foot
J1_3 NC Blank foot
J2_1 GND Data
J2_2 TX Transmitting antenna
J3_1 /RESET Reset
J3_2 CRX Data receiving
J3_3 CTX Send data
J3_4 GND Data
J3_5 V5.0 +5V Power supply
3)Characteristic parameter
    T1.Working parameter:TT T
Item Value unit
Working current 5 V
Withstand voltage 6 V
average Power Dissipation    
Antenna input impedance: 50
Working temperature -10~+70