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UHF reader/writer-YA8200
Product model:YA-8200A
Product categories:UHF Reader

1.Product Feature
A、the shielding good metal case
B、reading and writing in equipment limited area above 0-20 CM of the narrow space.
C、appearance design is unique, elegant
D、compatible with 6 C and 6 B agreement(choose one of them)
E、provide setups SDK, and can provide C#, VC, VB development routines.
F、support a serial port the firmware update, convenient customization demand special when upgrade firmware update.
G、EPC area, reservations, the user area support locking unlock function, can be used for privacy and security requirements of high occasion.
H、support adjacent discriminant function, can prevent with a card in short time (1-255 seconds adjustable) upload repeat inside.
I、can effectively ensure the authorized operation, only to launch window of the electronic equipment on tags for operation
J、supports fast write operation, convenient for reading and writing.
K、writing card distance is adjustable (0-30 CM).

· vehicle intelligent management of hairpin, write CARDS effect: the parking lot, highway no parking charge, customs clearance, automatic weighing, etc
· personnel management of entrance guard or hairpin, write CARDS effect: the school gate in and out management, the factory in and out management

3.Product Parameter
Frequency Range:902~928MHZ
Reading distance:40-50CM
Work power: DC-7.5V±0.5V,3A
Antenna power: 1W(Through the software can be adjusted)
Support agreement:ISO18000-6C or ISO-18000-6B(choose one of them)
Data interface:RS232、 Wiegand26\34\42、RS485
Work tips:  a buzzer and indicator light
Storage temperature : -45℃~+95℃
Working temperature : -20℃~+65℃

4. Instructions
YL series for reading and writing data through RS232 interface and the computer connection for data exchange. In addition, we will provide the customers with many kinds of language SDK setups, users can do application software development.